Mobile Car Wash

The Mobile Car Wash Division of Sunrise Cleaning, Inc. is a new set of services that are designed to keep your vehicles clean and shiny. We are going to come to your house and clean and detail your vehicles on the spot. We will do our best so you can feel the luxurious comfort on your way to the beach, your favorite restaurant or on your way to work. Don’t hesitate, give us a call and see how we can transform your vehicle!


Exterior: wash, dry, clean wheels and tires, tire dress, clean windows outside put water repellent on.
Interior: vacuum, dust and protect all surfaces (dashboard, door panels, middle console),clean windows inside, clean door jambs, clean storage compartments, clean under seats.


Only Exterior: $89 (time required: 1h-2h)
Only Interior: $89 (time required: 2h-3h)
Exterior+ Interior: $169 (time required: 3h-5h)
Wax: Add $25 (time required: 45min -1h)


paint decontamination and wax: $89 (time required: 1.5h-2.5h)
carpet and floor mats shampoo: $59 (time required: 1h-2h)
carpet, floor mats and seats shampoo:
$139(time required: 1.5h-2.5h)
leather seats cleaning and conditioning: $89 (time required: 1h-2h)
black trim restoration: 
quote on the spot
paint correction: quote on the spot
polish metal trim: quote on the spot

The prices for the full detail (Interior+Exterior) are for a class A car:
Class B: add: $39
Class C: add: $49

Class A: 2 door coupe or 4 door sedan
Class B: Standard SUV / Small Pick-up truck
Class C: Full size SUV or Minivan/Pick-up

Pet Hair and/or Excessively dirty interior by quote only